Monday, 22 February 2016

Day 53 - Homegrown Pickings

Sometimes when I bring the pickings in from the polytunnel and give them their second wash in the sink, I have to stand back and admire the colours.  On this occasion I grabbed the camera and took a photo.

All this was chopped up, added to a couple of potatoes from the cupboard and a bag of veg hash from the freezer and turned into a very tasty pan of soup.  Just having access to this lovely fresh, homegrown food is why the food cupboards and the contents of the freezers are going down so slowly .

Today is another No Spend Day


  1. Such vibrant colours. Homegrown food is the best and tastier than you can buy in the shops. But what is the bright pink thing?

    1. It's a radish, I don't know what variety. I had a pack of mixed seeds and about a dozen of the radishes were like this .... they are VERY crunchy, mild and tasty, and also as you can see very long :-)

    2. I love Radishes! You've definitely got your moneys worth out those seeds because it is long, so vibrant so it will be full of goodness. I love them eaten alone or as part of a salad but I've never thought about putting them in a meal or soup before. Thanks for tip :)

  2. So beautiful! (& sounds yummy too ;) x

  3. I put a couple of cabbages in my greenhouse over winter and I'm using the outer leaves in soups. The colour of the soup isn't appetising but I now its full of goodness. I'm hoping to do more next year so I can gather bits like you.


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