Sunday, 21 February 2016

Day 52 - Make Two, Save One

Not the most photogenic meal I've had, but very, very tasty.

When I'm home alone I'm usually in the habit of still cooking two portions of things and then re-inventing the other un-eaten half for the next day.  It saves me time, washing up and the head scratching problem of what to cook for one.

This particular concoction was brown rice, quinoa, smoked salmon cooked with chopped red onion and a handful of garden peas.

The second portion was popped in a dish until it was cold, covered and then kept in the fridge.  

The next night I flaked the salmon, stirred it all together, added some chilli flakes and a squirt of garlic paste and used it as a filling for a couple of lovely pasties.  Wrapped in pastry and seasoned up it tasted absolutely nothing like the previous nights meal and went down a treat.  One pasty for my tea with a quick salad made from polytunnel pickings and one for lunch the next day, eaten cold with just a big dollop of mayonnaise.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. We had a meal out a few weeks ago, I chose baked salmon in a coconut, chilli and lime was delicious!
    I've had a play around and with a drop of fish stock, canned coconut milk, sweet chilli sauce and a squeeze of fresh lime I can get a sauce which is pretty good. Next time you have salmon, give it a try, it's really lovely!

  2. Sounds delicious, hope you enjoyed your fish finger butties yesterday.

  3. The pasties sound amazing.

  4. Just found your no spend challenge blog, & I've been loving it. You are doing an amazing job of staying on track. Keep at it! :-)


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