Saturday, 20 February 2016

Day 51 - Inventory

These may be a little bit hard to read, if you click on the pictures they will open in a different window and should be slightly easier to read.  Last time I made out an inventory it was a handwritten one, this time I have copied it onto the computer for safe-keeping  ;-)

As you can see, there is much more meat in the chest freezer than I thought, twenty nine different kinds of meat and lots more if you count all the individual chicken breast fillets, drumsticks etc.  There should be no danger of my carnivore of a husband going hungry until he can dip into the real world of self sufficiency and re-stock the freezer by his own hand .... and gun.

What I will do is count the individual items in the boxes and list them on the inventory as and when I dip into them to remove something.  I didn't want to keep things out of the freezer, or the lid up for any longer than I had to.

If there doesn't  seem to be many 'vegetarian' items this is because I have a drawer of the upright freezer with a selection of things in.  I will make a separate inventory for this freezer sometime during the coming week to get everything finally listed.  

Now this is done I can menu plan from the inventory instead of standing at the freezer scratching my head AND my freezer is lovely and tidy .... and I can actually see where things are.  Putting things back in their categories means that I can now find what I need and hopefully keep it this tidy as we eat our way to the bottom.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. I've been keeping an inventory this year, although I don't have a printer so mine is a very smudged pencil written list, I am finding it really useful so far. There are two pantry lurkers that are on my hitlist for the start of next month.

  2. I should do an inventory. Like you, I'm forever looking at the contents that lay at the top in the freezer, scratching my head.

  3. We use magnets to hold inventories onto the relevant doors, so we can cross items off when they come out.

    1. That's a good idea, although I'll keep this inventory on the upright freezer door, Ginger eats on top of this freezer and he'll end up sitting on my paper ;-)

  4. It pays dividends knowing what you have in the freezer. You know were the gaps are when you go shopping.

  5. Well done on getting your inventory done it will certainly be easier to meal plan now

  6. I keep the inventory sheet on the side of my chest freezer, along with a pen - both attached with magnets. Before that, I could only ever find one or the other!

  7. Well done on sorting the freezer; I know you were dreading doing it. Even though we only have a few kitchen cupboards and small freezer it is a job I do not enjoy. I have to confess to having an inventory of usual ingredients which I use as an aide memoir for shopping, and do list frozen meat weekly to plan the next weeks' meals.


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