Monday, 15 February 2016

Day 46 - Time to Really Dig In

It really is time to dig into the freezer and see if we can slowly, sensibly but surely work our way down to the bottom.  With this in mind the other day rather than eating some shop bought ready made pies that were in there, I instead grabbed a tub of homemade meaty pie filling  and a pack of frozen ready rolled pastry.

I also got out a pack of frozen grated cheese and tipped it into a tub in the fridge ready for use throughout this week, and so that I could make some cheese and onion pasties for myself.

I made four rather large pasties and, unfortunately forgot to photograph them, we ate the lot in one meal with a handful of mixed veg.  The hardships you have to put yourself through to make space in the freezer  ;-)

And this week I actually am going to finally set to and make a list of what we have in there, I would hate to get close to the bottom and find we are living off last years homegrown cabbage and carrots and not a lot else!!

Today is yet another No Spend Day


  1. Personally I am great at making the list but not as good at remembering to cross stuff off! Chaotic!

    1. I've done that time and time again .... I'll have to pin the list up by the Aga to remind me to cross off what I'm using WHILE I'm using it :-)

  2. We only have a small freezer but occasionally I go through it to see what's in there and needing using up. I'm delighted to say that we only have one bag of Christmas turkey left (hubby gets a free turkey from work every year - this year's was a whopper at 24lb). We also managed to get rid of the rest of the dog's raw minced tripe (oh blimey, the smell of that is dreadful but the dogs adore it). Every time I say I'm going to run the freezer down to defrost it, I fill it up with bargains or yellow sticker items. Meat is so expensive so when I see it on offer, I stock up.

  3. You've reminded me that I need to go through my freezer (have only the upright one that comes with the fridge) and take stock of what's in there. I cooked up a bunch of stuff and froze between getting my cancer diagnosis and starting chemo, in anticipation of days when I won't feel up to cooking. However, what I didn't anticipate is the loss of appetite, altogether. So, most of what I cooked and stocked up is still there! Plus berries purchased on sale to make jams for holiday gifts which I didn't make due to not feeling up to it, etc.

  4. I put the state of my freezer down to being a "war baby". I can't bear to have a space and like Susan M if there is one I promptly fill it with bargains.
    The problem is that I then hoard what's in there until it's practically begging to be let out. For instance I'll find myself cooking the spare turkey I bought to have in the summer, in November because I've been saving it "in case.....". Of course "in case....." seldom happens.
    Thanks to your blog I'm determined that I won't do this again this year and am making a huge effort not to buy until I have emptied freezer and cupboards. I'm finding it an exciting journey so far. Amazing what interesting meals can be created by asking on the net "What can I make wth ........?"
    Thank you so much for this blog! Sue

  5. From Margie in Toronto - I had a look through my freezer yesterday and found two more packs of turkey slices that I'd completely forgotten about! I'm going to use them up in salads for supper the next couple of nights - I've made a good dent in using up what's in the two small baskets I keep there but the big container is still full (I only have the freezer on top of the fridge but it's amazing how much I can stuff in there) - really, I could easily go about 6 weeks without buying any meat or fish. I should be like you and actually make a list!
    Love the new photo at the top.

  6. Had I not built up my pantry and freezer reserves, the last two weeks would have been impossible to get through as I've been home ill. In that time I've made and eaten two large pots of soup and while the cupboard's getting bare and my fridge is dwindling, I still have several meals that I can throw together...Shades of my Nana, as she used to almost hoard leftovers and make all kinds of things from them...Thanks for this blog. Did you enjoy Sue Perkins book?


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