Sunday, 14 February 2016

Day 45 - Veggie - Non Veggie

I've been asked a lot how easy is it to feed the two of us when I eat mostly vegetarian meals and Lovely Hubby is an out and out carnivore, well to be honest I find it really simple.  True my man has cut back greatly on the meat he consumes, which will aid this years Challenge greatly, but when making meaty meals I have always started out with a base that is vegetarian.

For instance the curry above was made from scratch as a vegetable curry, with mixed vegetables, lentils, vegetable stock and spices and then I browned off a large chopped chicken breast and split the base curry into two pans.

They were then both cooked for 30 minutes and left to go cold ready for later in the day.  Reheated curry or stews always develop a lovely depth of flavour if you do this.

It's the same when we have a simple snack for lunch.  A mixed chopped salad base with grated cheese, mayo and lettuce, with a slice or two of ham added to Lovely Hubby's bun.  It keeps things simple and keeps us both happy.

Today is a No Spend Day.


  1. I also cook vegetarian and meat. My husband has been a vegetarian for 48 years. I was a veggie too for @ 23 years and then decided to eat meat(a little and fish, a little). I also start with a vegetarian base, then split it and and tofu usually to one and meat (chicken or? to the other) Quite simple really. I'm making a split pea soup tomorrow, so I will make the soup vegetarian and then if someone wants a little ham I'll have that in a bowl on the table to add.

  2. I usually just add my veggies on the side, I average double the amount of veggies as my husband per week, we both still need to cut out more meat.

  3. You make it look easy, dividing up meat dish and meatless. My husband calls himself a "meataterian" and could live off meat and potatoes. I still cook for 8, but three of us eat little meat, however .I make the meat dish and lots of vegetables as a side dish and let each decided what they are eating. Your dishes must last quite awhile.


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