Saturday, 13 February 2016

Day 44 - Old Bananas

I bought these bananas way back here .... a shameful twenty one days ago and then abandoned them on the worktop, and I'll be honest the only reason I finally got round to doing something with them was because the whole kitchen smelt like a giant banana and it was driving me mad!!

I looked up this recipe in A Girl Called Jack, by Jack Monroe and just got stuck in without thinking about it.  As it was before breakfast time and I was starving I decided that as well as making a Banana Bread I would make two small muffins to have with my coffee ... I knew I wouldn't be able to wait long enough for the loaf to cook.

They were yummy .....

... and half an hour later I may just have accidentally eaten two slices of this  ;-)

Today is No Spend Day


  1. That lovely baking wouldn't have lasted long here either, it looks delicious especially warm...mmmmm....

  2. Hubby seems to "accidentally" eat things I've cooked too. Nothing home baked ever lasts long in our house.

  3. Over ripe bananas are just the job for banana because you don't need sugar as they are so much sweeter. I made muffins instead of bread they were lovely.

  4. I often make banana loaves or banana muffins and freeze for packed lunches. As someone above said, you don't need much sugar.

  5. How funny I've had some wine and read this as 44 day old bananas. I thought Blimy that's going some but good to make use of them if they're still ok lol.

  6. Do you have the recipes to share please sue? Looks fab.

    1. The recipe is in the photo. Click on it and it will enlarge :-)

  7. Thank you. Couldn't see it on my phone. I don't have found cinnamon in but I will pick some up and bake this over the weekend.

  8. I have just made this. Smells divine!


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