Friday, 12 February 2016

Day 43 - Butter Tubs

I only posted about the full to the brim chest freezer the other day, and then yesterday I found myself with more food to be frozen.  Luckily these two tubs fitted neatly into the upright freezer that is in the kitchen and part of the large fridge we have.

The only drawback is that at first glance it appears to have rather a lot of tubs of Lurpak butter, in fact most of them have alternative contents.  A quick glance showed that I have Pesto cubes, Red Wine cubes, Basil, Mixed Herbs, soup and even very unexpectedly lots of tubs that actually DO contain butter.

It's a good job the labels haven't fallen off  ;-)

Today is another No Spend Day.


  1. You are continuing to do really well with your year long project/challenge. I re use tubs too for the freezer and yes it's great so long as the labels stay on but occasionally I've reached out something only to find something else when I opened the tub.

  2. Yes, the labelling can be the letdown in the system can't it. We have had a few go astray and ended up with the odd mystery meal, but nothing too bad! Great way to store little bits of things in the freezer though! xx

  3. I have a permanent marker now and wrote on the box. I scrub ot off when used. But I find lucky dip ready meals quite exciting at times.

  4. Permanent marker for me too as I had labels falling off. They were definitely a lucky-dip dinners.

  5. Greetings from Sunny California. I am so enjoying your day to day posts! Thank you for sharing! Your "Today is a No Spend Day" slogan has become a kind of slogan for me too!


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