Monday, 8 February 2016

Day 39 - Don't Take Your Husband Shopping

Money Spent Today - £25.75  Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent - £5.00
Money Spent in Total - £42.46
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent in Total - £43
Money left in Housekeeping Fund - £286.25

Remember last month when our local farm shop, Bodnant Welsh Food had the £10 voucher off a £20 shop and I did just that ... spent £20 and saved £10.  This months offer was a £5 voucher off a £10 shop .... if I'd gone shopping on my own I would have bought just ten pounds worth of meat and saved myself £5,  but nooooo I went with Lovely Hubby and we ended up buying £27.75 worth of meat AND a packet of cakes!!

As soon as we got home I portioned up the meat into usable sized portions.  Bacon into four slices per pack and the pork chops all individually wrapped and then bagged.  All but one pack of bacon went straight into the freezer (more about that tomorrow).

We decided that we would split the benefit of the voucher and call it £1 off the cakes ... making them 50p each ... not a bad price for a treat.  And then £2 each off the bacon and the pork chops, making them £1.60 for each  pack of bacon and £1.78 for each pork chop.

The first of the bacon was eaten this morning and although it was expensive compared to supermarket packs of bacon, it was just like the bacon we used to produce ourselves.  It didn't shrink at all in the pan, there was no white gunk coming out of it as it cooked (this happens because cheap bacon is pumped full of water), and, according to Lovely Hubby it tasted absolutely delicious.

Spent Today  £25.75 Cash and £5 Bodnant voucher.

And the moral of this story is ..... when your husband issues you with a strict housekeeping Challenge DO NOT LET HIM GO SHOPPING WITH YOU!!


  1. Husbands can definitely blow the budget can't they! xx

  2. Yes, husbands sneak items into shopping trolleys! On a different note I'm hoping to have the last laugh as although I've got his ONLY ketchup in, I've bought a much cheaper one from Lidl to try after lots of people recommended it and unknown to him he's having it tonight on his chips! Bet he can't tell. 59p vs. £2.

    1. Put the cheap one in 'his' ketchup bottle and he'll never know haha. I know a mum who did this with shampoo when her daugters insisted on the expensive shampoo and flew through it. She bought cheaper stuff and decanted it into there bottles without them knowing ;) worked fine. such cheek lol

    2. If you don't tell him, he won't know! We always used the market leader H***z, but changed to Lidl's ages ago after seeing a blind tasting of various ketchups, when the cheapy beat H***z hands down. It used to be called Kania, but has recently changed the name to Batts, however, it's exactly the same product!

    3. I've been using Aldi own-brand tomato ketchup and salad cream for ages and now like the taste of them much more than the H***z varieties. Still wouldn't swap H***z tomato soup though.

    4. I much prefer the taste of Aldi's tomato ketchup and mayonnaise to the well known brands. Their mustards are good too but the chutneys are a bit thin.

  3. My husband is definitely a saboteur. I always end up bringing a 4 pack of egg custard tarts home. He believes I like them and when I say you know I don't he always says shame I'll just have to eat them all! ;0)

  4. My DH sneaks all sorts of things into the trolley when we’re shopping. Usually it's sweet stuff, cakes, biscuits for dipping in his tea, scones etc.
    I've given up trying to stop him, so now I throw things in that I want, but that he won't eat, crab, crayfish tails, goats cheese, he hates them all!
    So when he sits with a plate of biscuits I have crackers with goats cheese, if you can't beat them, join them! It doesn't save any money of course, but it's fun!

  5. Your hubby works hard he deserves some nice meat, I would have gone for the viennese whirls as well, one of my favourites xxx

  6. Mr D is exactly the same - hot cross buns just seem to jump into the trolley when we go shopping. He's so good at it, I don't even see him doing it anymore until I get to the till! Could be worse I guess?

  7. We always seem to end up arguing when he joins the grocery shopping.
    He makes comments about the stuff I put into the trolley, telling me he's certain we still have this or that in the pantry (let me make it clear that he doesn't do the cooking, ever). All the while he's filling it with stuff that HE likes.
    I tend to go alone, but sometimes he joins me when we're on the road together.
    Don't get me started about the under my breath arguing at the checkout where he just plunks everything topsy turvy onto the conveyor. I am a little OCD about the order it has to go on the belt and consequently back into the trolley.

  8. I shopped on Friday and picked up lots of bargains and yellow sticker meat and vegetables too. Yesterday, hubby and son popped into a supermarket to pick up 3 items I couldn't manage to get on Friday and returned with a magazine and dessert and had scoffed an item from the bakery on the way home (it was yellow sticker they pointed out!).

  9. My hubby tells everyone he usn't allowed to go shopping with me!It's true for the same reason you pointed out. We go over budget everytime. Your freezer looks very full. Time to eat something... ya think?


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