Sunday, 7 February 2016

Day 38 - A Year Without ... The Lottery

As well as a year without clothes, books and housekeeping money, there are also lots of other little things that we decided to live without this year, with a view to seeing what permanent reductions we could manage for our future.  One of these was to have a year without the National Lottery.  Lots of folk have already dropped by the wayside with this country's national lottery since the numbers of balls were increased by ten giving us all an even slimmer chance of winning.

I used to always buy our tickets in advance and handing over a large sum of money every eight weeks really brought it home how ridiculous this gamble was.  So our final ticket was bought eight weeks ago and ran out last weekend.  As is my usual way once it had ran out I took it into the supermarket and had it checked by the Lotto machine there.

And lo and behold it was a double winner.  We won £25 cash and two lucky dip lines for tonights draw.

The cash has gone straight into the holiday fund, as we have a Spring weekend break in a National Trust cottage booked and paid for last year.  We don't want it to be an expensive time so we are adding to the holiday fund in dribs and drabs and popping any money we get in the Sealed Pot.

Of course our lottery chances are not now over as we also now have another two chances of winning the lottery this Saturday .... I promise you'll be the first to know if we are millionaires by Sunday  ;-)

Sue xx


  1. We seldomly buy lottery tickets. We did in January when it hit $900,000,000 dollars, but won't again any time soon.

  2. Well done with the shopping and the lottery win. Can I ask - do you take part in the surveys that offer a reward at the bottom of the supermarket receipt? I used to do them every time, but it got a bit boring!!

    1. Occasionally, I did with this last one ... you never know ;-)

  3. You are doing so well with this challenge and good job realizing the pile that went to the lottery in the past and your small win. I like seeing the process that leads you and others to make good choices and their outcomes. I've bought a lottery ticket only twice and won a small amount both times. The winnings went to my general fund and once the weekly and monthly bills were paid, I used a bit for a treat and tucked the small remainder into savings. Cheers!

  4. What a pleasant surprise. I'm not a lucky person whereas hubby is. But the new lottery is a step too far now. More expensive and less chances of winning. We have an occasional flutter on a scratch card which g=has proved profitable for hubby.


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