Friday, 5 February 2016

Day 36 - Homemade Bread

While I'm not quite in the habit yet of making all our own bread, and I don't think I will in the immediate future as we do enjoy some bought seeded loaves and soft brown buns, I am getting back into the swing of making at least one batch of home baked bread a week.  The last lot was my usual easy loaf, only this time instead of making one 2lb loaf I split the mix and made two 1lb loaves.

I thought it would last longer this way, but with Lovely Hubby around I was mad to think this  ;-)

It went wonderfully well with the soup I made the other day (here).

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. You bread looks lovely. Do you hand knead or is it done in a machine? Just started making my own bread again but with plain flour. Needs a bit more kneading and is a little heavier but still very tasty.

    1. I use the dough hook in my Kenwood food mixer for around 10 minutes and then finish off with a couple minutes of hand kneading.

  2. Your bread looks lovely, very yummy :)

  3. Your loaves looks lovely. Bread like that doesn't last long in this house either.

  4. Your loaves look heavenly. I make my own bread too. What seeds and nuts did you use?

  5. There's nothing better than homemade bread and soup - absolute heaven! Both look delicious.


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