Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Day 33 - Food Through the Letterbox

It was a good day yesterday ... the postman dropped more food through the letterbox ... a whole £27 worth.

Because that's how I see these coupons now, not money off a new jumper or pair of jeans, just coupons off a weekly food shop.  Once I tore them off the letter they came attached to and threw away all the additional coupons offering me 20% off a £60 shop on clothes or extra points for spending £50 on food in one go, I added them to the rest of the coupon and voucher stash in my purse.

We now have a total of  £93 in M&S coupons, £14.50 in Tesco coupons and a £2.50 Holland and Barrett voucher.  So I reckon if I were to spend one a week (not counting the H&B one) they would give us 17 weeks of reduced price shopping.  The only thing is that you do not get change from coupons so I always have to add up very carefully what I am spending and try to get it to just slightly over a coupon value.  I asked in store to see if I could use the coupons to purchase an M&S gift card and the lady on the till tried to put it through as a transaction but the till would not allow it, and reading the small print on the back of the coupon when I got home it does state that you can't buy gift cards with them, oh well it was worth a try.  I suppose it is their little ploy to get you to spend over the cost of any coupon they issue whenever you spend them.

But I'm happy with my little paper stash   :-)

Today is another No Spend Day


  1. Love your blog- how do you get all these coupons?

    1. M&S give you coupons in return for using their credit card :-)

    2. We have had a good amount of coupons over the last year or so as we have paid for some of the building supplies on the card and then paid it off through the company. Now the work is mostly finished and I am not shopping at M&S except with my coupons I think the amount we get will plummet :-(

  2. I wish my US stores did coupons like those...As it is the ones they usually issue are for items I do not buy. Since I've begun using the Aldi nearest me, the prices are so much lower I feel as though I hit pay dirt merely walking in the door. I've also begun going to one of the very few veg stands in my area and trying out some new to me fruits such as Asian pear and persimmon. Good that you've got a proper stash!

  3. I love envelopes that contain coupons. Its so good when you get money off.

  4. You do much better with coupons than I do, all I get is ones for things I never ever buy! xx

  5. Got my M&S ones yesterday too, only £8 this time which shows I'm spending less :-) I'll probably buy some dried pulses to add to my store cupboard.

  6. Mine haven't arrived yet but I will only get around £2, I guess, so I'm definitely spending less on clothes and such like. Mine will be spent on food too though :)


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