Friday, 8 January 2016

Day 8 - Lemons

The lemons I found in the fruit drawer of the fridge were sliced, open frozen and then once completely frozen bagged and popped back into the freezer.  They are coming in handy while I have this cold.  One frozen slice dropped into a cup of boiling water, with a teaspoon of honey and a couple of paracetamols beats a Lemsip any day!!

The little knobbly ends were first used to clean the chopping board and then popped onto the shelf in the fridge for a lovely lemony scent every time I opened the door.

Nothing wasted  :-)

Today is a No Spend Day.


  1. I think I read somewhere that if you add bicarb to a hulled lemon, that absorbs nasty smells in a fridge too. Great idea for a cold. I too am full and cannot shake it, it's been lingering for weeks!

  2. After many years of chucking half used lemons out, I picked up this tip from you last year. I now do it all the time, so no more wasted lemons. I try and have at least one hot lemon drink a day, just 'cos I like it!

  3. A brilliant idea! BTW thanks for putting a link to this on your other blog. I kept losing it :/

  4. What a great idea for preserving lemons. I'm sure your cold will be better soon with the help of your lemon slices. Love Helen x

  5. yep, also do this with lemons. Limes too if I pick up bargain bags in the supermarket :-)

  6. I've just made Lemon Curd because my lemons looked very poorly;0) Not nice and healthy like yours!

    1. They looked nowhere near as healthy when they were whole ;-)

  7. I did this last year, but don't have any at the present time, I'll look for some at the market, marked down of course! :)

  8. I knew I would learn something:) I've never thought about slicing and freezing lemons before:(

  9. I freeze other fruit slices/chunks but never thought of lemons - great tip, thank you!


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