Sunday, 24 January 2016

Day 24 - More Shopping

Money Spent Today - £10.00  Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent - £10.00
Money Spent in Total - £16.58
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent in Total - £20
Money left in Housekeeping Fund - £312.13

Our local farm shop, Bodnant Welsh Food sent out an email this week offering a £10 off a £20 or higher spend in the farm shop during January.  I think it's to entice customers back after a little spate of adverse publicity they have had recently.  I went and picked up my coupon yesterday and then went back to spend it with Lovely Hubby as I wanted him to choose some meat for the freezer. 

Of course he chose steak :-)
They were vacuum wrapped in pairs, which is fine if there are two of you that eat meat .....

... but I opened the packs and then individually wrapped the steaks so I can take one at a time out of the freezer.  Of course only seven steaks made it into the freezer, one will be for his tea tonight.  Eight half pound, locally reared and produced steaks at just £1.25 each - a bargain not to be missed.

Next month for Loyalty Card holders they have a five pound voucher off a £20 spend, I'll have to think a bit harder about if it's worth spending that one.


  1. You are doing so well with this challenge, the steak looks really good quality.

  2. At last a company rewarding loyalty. The steaks look delish too especially with big fat chips!

  3. Those steaks look amazing and a good buy too. You are doing really well so far with your challenge and you are a very inspiring lady
    Jackie x

  4. wow the prices in England seem to be a lot better than those here in the States. Good job!

  5. Wow , thats a great price for local meat.

  6. we loved looking around Bodnant Farm shop when we were there in June. The meat looked lovely. we didn't buy anything except local Honey and some of their delicious icecream. May be this year we will try lunch there.

  7. £1.25 for a steak?! I wish our local shops were so generous.

    1. I doubt it will happen very often, but that's why it's always worth looking out for vouchers and taking advantage of offers.

      After cooking one of the steaks for LH's tea last night I honestly think they would be worth buying at full price ... even during this year of the Challenge. There was no shrinkage and according to Lovely Hubby it was extremely tasty. He had it with a dozen chips and lots of salad.

  8. They look good! I'm really enjoying following your challenge and I'm very impressed with how well you are managing so far. It's going to be such a proud moment when you see how successful it's been at the end!!


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