Friday, 22 January 2016

Day 22 - Sort of Cupboards ....

Not officially a cupboard but these shelves hold a good selection of our dried foods, so I thought I should photograph them as they are now.  I guess the photos won't change too drastically throughout the year as I have back up supplies of some of these things actually in the cupboards which will come out to top up the jars.

One shelf in one of our cupboards that doesn't normally hold food acquired some over the Christmas period and it just hasn't been eaten, so here it is.  A jar of nuts. one of dried cranberries, a box of cereal and the red lid is the top of a tub of dried milk powder, I add this to longlife milk when I'm making homemade yoghurts, it makes them much thicker.  In the plastic basket in my collection of herbs and spices all in their little jars.  It's so much easier to slide the basket out and rummage through it than it used to be playing 'spice chess' in the cupboard to find what I wanted.

A No Spend Day


  1. My herbs and spices are in three seagrass baskets, all in perfect alphabetical order........I think I may have a slight case of OCD!
    It actually makes perfect sense, I use A LOT of seasonings, and it makes it much simpler to find them if I know roughly where to aim for!

  2. I have my spices in a basket as I got so sick of them falling out the cupboard ,it was like a game of skittles!!!lovely pics.x

  3. I'm loving seeing all your cupboards and how you sort everything. My spices are in a draw but hopefully they will find some cupboard space in the new house and I might copy your basket idea if I may.
    Yesterday I had to do some food shopping as all our cupboards are pretty bare now as is the fridge and freezer but I only spent £24 including a big box of tea bags and some coffee both beans and instant. Well I will need to keep the removal men happy lol

    1. You DEFINITELY have to keep the removal men happy. I hope it all goes well for you. xx

  4. Its surprising what you can make out of some dried ingredients and the right spice combination and a little imagination thrown into the mix!

  5. Enjoying following along with you.

  6. You always look so organized! Happy weekend!

  7. You're doing so well in not spending any money and I admire your tenacity. Much as I love my adult children, I am looking forward to the time when they are financially independent and living their own lives! Right now, I am still providing room and board as they make their initial forays into the working world as new college grads. All in good time. In the meanwhile, I continue to live vicariously through you :)


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