Monday, 18 January 2016

Day 18 - Cupboards

For the first few weeks of the Challenge we have been making an effort to use up the contents of the fridge.  It makes sense to use up the freshest things first.  Some things from there have been popped into the freezer but the majority have been eaten.  

Our two freezers are  pretty chock-a-block with food, helped of course by the things we have moved over from the fridge, and using up leftovers to make more meals has meant even more things added to the already full to bursting freezer space.

It's meant that not a lot has been taken from the cupboards so I've not really bothered to photograph them, but now I thought the time was right to start a record of how things look now, during this the first month of the Challenge.  I'm hoping they won't empty too quickly, it makes sense for the next thing to be emptied to be the big chest freezer as sometime in the next few months it will be moving out into the workshop and obviously it will be much easier to move when it's empty.

So this weeks photographs will be a record of the cupboards as they are now.

A No Spend Day


  1. Lovely well stocked cupboards, just like mine x

  2. lots of lovely things in that cupboard to keep you going x

  3. Oooh, I spy a jar of Tiptree Little Scarlet jam..........gorgeous! A tad on the expensive side, but worth every penny!
    You cupboard's a lot tidier than any of mine, but we have a lot of the same things! Every few weeks I have a grand sort out of my cupboards, and have all good intentions to keep them tidy and organised.......and we know what the road the hell is paved with!
    Even though we're not having an eceonomy drive as you are, I have a huge stock of food in at all times. I think it's because my mum did it; she was thirteen when WW2 started, so lived with rationing for a long time, then didn't have money to spare until I was about eleven, when she started creating her 'siege cupboard' as my dad always called it!
    I just feel comfortable having a lot of food in the house, weird, but true!

    1. We bought that jam after watching a programme about how it was made and the special little strawberries it was made from .... it cost £3.99 for a little jar and as you can see it's still in the cupboard so we didn't even open it and taste it ..... mostly because I had just made 36 jars of homemade jam ...... Lol!!

      We all have our reasons for having lots of food in stock, I'm hoping to finally get out of this habit this year, well to a certain extent ;-)


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