Saturday, 16 January 2016

Day 16 - Scraps

As I said the other day nothing is being wasted this year.  

When I had finished rolling out the pastry for the little quiches and lids there were some pastry scraps over.  I quickly rolled these out ....

... sprinkled on some of the grated cheese I had out of the fridge for the quiches, re-rolled it ...

... and cut out some little cheesey biscuits.

And you will notice that as this was a bargain pack of ready rolled pastry it came on a sheet of greaseproof paper, which I rolled the pastry out on top of and then used as baking parchment in the oven.  Waste not want not.

A lovely little snack with a cup of coffee ... and the eagle eyed amongst you will notice that two of them didn't even last long enough to go on the plate ;-)

A No Spend Day


  1. Well, someone has to try them before serving. ;)
    I always intend to do similar with leftover pastry. But by the end of cooking up a storm my motivation is nil and I put the pastry in the fridge (wrapped). Only to find it again 1 or 2 weeks later.
    I really should make more of an effort.

  2. I always freeze my scraps and eventually end up with a 'free' pastry case.

  3. They look really delicious Sue, mind you I'm a savoury person rather than sweet. I was drooling the other day over your little pies and quiches♥ I'm loving all these tips I'd never thought of. Have a lovely weekend:) Linda

  4. They look yummy. I made cheese straws with the left over pastry from a pie I made after Christmas with some of the leftover ham. Cheese biscuits are one of my favourites
    Jackie x

  5. You've got me wanting these now...I'm glad you enjoyed them...Have a good weekend.

  6. Just stumbled across your blog & feeling somewhat synchronous... I did leftovers pies on Thursday - one beef (ex-Stroganoff, itself a leftover dish from Sunday's roast) one ham (Saturday's slow-cooked gammon knuckles) cheese & leek, and one butternut squash, sweet potato, leek & cauli for our two tame veggies. Rolled up the pastry scraps & made a quiche with home-laid eggs, more ham, leek & cheese, which has made a lovely lunch for three of us today.

    Also Not Buying Stuff; in my case, fabric. I have enough to make a quilt that'd cover most of our little town over! I'm vowing to use a good half of it up before I'm allowed to buy any more for personal use.

    Love the idea of the biscuits, will pinch that one for when there's not enough for cheese & marmite whirls!


    1. I make cheese and Marmite whirls too, OH doesn't like Marmite, but dam it he has decided he loves these!!

  7. I roll out my extra dough and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar for "cookies" for the children. Will have to try the cheese next! I'm sure they would love that too!


  8. Love these. I add a sprinkle of chilli flakes as well to give them an extra kick.

  9. Those look very tasty. No spend day here as well ..... just watching movies and getting used to not running out to the store every day.


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