Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Day 13 - Oops

I've been tidying the kitchen cupboards, mostly the non-foody ones first ... but I kept coming across packs of four tins of tomatoes ..... lots of packs of four tins of tomatoes.

They were on offer ... and one by one I seem to have stockpiled ... although even I think 24 tins is a bit excessive!!

Oh well they and the homemade sauces that I have in jars in the food cupboard should see us in tomatoey goodness until this years plants produce a new crop ... and possibly beyond.

Today is another No Spend Day  :-)


  1. On a totally different subject.......I love your kitchen! The cupboards, tiles, open shelving and paint colour, we obviously have the same taste in kitchens :)

  2. suggestions for using up toms;
    on toast
    with a fry up
    in your soup
    with pasta
    in chilli/sheps pie
    on pizza

    ypu prob know all those but hth

  3. good grief and I thought my husband was the tinned tomato stash king - his title has just been stripped off him by a MILE !!!

  4. wowzer that's allot of tomatoes lol they will keep you going a while x

  5. oh I am so pleased to see this - I've just done my cupboards and I have 9 tins of pineapple in juice and 7 of custard. They were on special offer over Christmas and I think I kept picking them up! I'm delighted it's not just me (they will all be eaten, tho the custard may take a while)


  6. I bought eight tins on offer yesterday to go with the four I already have. The problem is once I start batch cooking they disappear quickly. They are such a handy and versatile product.

  7. One of my all time favourite light meals is tinned tomatoes with a bit of salt & pepper simply warmed up with either a slice of bread to dip in or a crusty roll broken up in the tomatoes (no butter though). Mmmm my mouth's watering now!

  8. I would use those in about 4/5 months but I only store tomatoes not jarred sauces so not too many.

  9. I see lots of tomato based eating in your future this year! They do make things tasty though don't they and are so versatile! By coincidence we are having homemade tomato soup for dinner tonight - made from tinned tomatoes. Must be tomato day! xx

  10. Now that is a lot of toms, thank goodness they are so versatile. Bacon,egg and tinned toms - yummy.

  11. Looks like my baked bean cupboard - I buy lots when they're half price but they last for ages. Jars of coffee were also half price recently and I had vouchers too so I have about 8 jars of those. Also have 10 bags of bread flour as that was on offer and again, I had vouchers for those. Got to stock up when you can. We have 20 bars of soap (we can only use fragrance free so stock up when it's half price).

    I love adding tomato to my vegetable soup and whizzing it up, delicious. Also I make bolognaise and pasta sauces using tomato.

  12. Nothing wrong with that, you can do so much with them x

  13. 24 tins? That is so funny but practical too.

  14. You can never have enough chopped tomatoes in my opinion :)


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