Saturday, 14 November 2015

Coming Soon ....

This Blog will be started properly in January 2016.

In the meantime I am still planning, preparing and working out exactly what the scope of the Challenge will be.

Wish me luck  ;-)


  1. Good luck! :) I look forward to reading about this more next year! :)

  2. Good luck Sue I will be following along when I can - just one thought crossed my mind and that is the Nectar points - I accumulate a lot of points because last year Sainsbury's was the only shop I seemed to have time to go to for everything, cards, clothes, food and gifts just through pressure of work but if you are only spending a very small amount on food or other nectar point goods presumably your Nectar points are going to be very small too - maybe you collect them on petrol? Just over £6 a week is a very scary thought, but if anyone can do it it will be you. Happy challenge for 2016. Viv x

    1. Yes, this is something that I have realised.

      All our points, vouchers and coupons will be much lower during the course of this Challenge, and indeed in the future, now that the majority of our building work is done. We do buy both petrol and diesel to collect most of our points and usually make good use of any offers that give extra Nectar points, vouchers at the till in store for double points on petrol and vouchers from the petrol station for cash off shopping. We will still make use of these if we can during this year


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